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Level up your sandwich game with these Japanese inspired Sando recipes. They’re pretty yet effortless, perfect for a bento lunchbox or a road trip. Loved by the little ones as well as grown-ups! With different fillings and toppings, here are 3 sando recipes that you could try making: Chicken Katsu Sando, Egg Sando, and “Tuna” Sando.

1. Chicken Katsu Sando


If you are a fan of chicken sandwiches, this crispy and juicy Japanese chicken katsu sando recipe will be your favourite one!

2. Egg Sando


Filled with a rich and creamy egg salad and semi-boiled egg. Tucked between two fluffy slices of bread. It’s indeed egg-cellent!

3. Healthy “Tuna” Sando


Made out of chickpeas, this recipe is perfect for vegetarians/vegans. Extremely flavourful, filling and healthy for you. 

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