Looking for recipe ideas for the fasting month? Here we have a collection of traditional recipes to help you plan your buka puasa meal. Enjoy!

1. Percik Udang Galah. Click here for recipe.

This is a dish uses prawns instead of the usual chicken or beef.


2. Ayam Masak Gajus ala Nyonya. Click here for recipe.

This dish is inspired by the Malacca Peranakan cuisine.


3. Lamb Shank (Jedy Bil Zeit). Click here for recipe.

This Syrian lamb shank recipe is fairly simple as the lamb shank is cooked mainly in olive oil while the sauce is only added after cooking,


4. Gulai Ayam Kampung. Click here for recipe.

Gulai Kawah Ayam Kampung

5. Fried Sea Bass Fillet with Malay Brown Sauce. Click here for recipe.

This dish is inspired by the Western demi-sauce and made with Asian ingredients.


6. Kuzi Rusuk Kambing (Lamb Rib Kuzi). Click here for recipe.

This dish is best eaten with either long-grained white rice or briyani rice.


7. Spiced Assam Pedas Oxtail (Oxtail Assam Pedas Berempah). Click here for recipe.

This Malaccan dish, which is usually associated with fish or stingray, has been given a little twist as it is substituted with the rich flavourful oxtail.


8. Cheese Baklava. Click here for recipe.

Best served hot and fresh as the cheese melts in your mouth.


For more recipes, click here.

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