Do you know, you can now submit your foolproof recipes to Kuali?

Whether you are a budding chef, housewife or someone who just love to cook, we gladly welcome you to share your recipe with us and the Kuali community.

Since we first introduced this new feature months ago, we have received many amazing and interesting recipes from you, you and you.

Here’s 8 must-try users submitted recipes which catch admin’s eyes.

1.Pegaga Tuna Rice Salad – With just 5 ingredients, Sharon D created this mouth-watering, quick and easy salad bowl which is bound to make everyone ask for more.

Pegaga Tuna Rice Salad

2. Chicken Pongteh Sedap – Working mum ThePragmaticCook learnt this ‘sedap’ recipe from her mum and now her kids are loving it!


3. Apple Pie Old School – After a few trial and error, zakoya perfected this apple pie recipe. The trick to get a crisp crust is to remove the liquid from apple fillings. Admin is excited to try this for Christmas!

Apple Pie Old School

4. Braised Pineapple Plum Ribs – A simple yet satisfying recipe by Emily’s Kitchen. Pair it with white rice for a wholesome meal.

Braised Pineapple Plum Ribs

5. Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins – A brilliant way to incorporate healthy ingredients into kids’ friendly chocolate muffins. Kudos to wwaileng78 for this winning entry in ‘Submit Your Foolproof Recipe‘ contest.

Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

6. Nyonya Angku Kuih – Challenge yourself with this multicoloured angku kuih by Iris Tan. The colours are extracted from natural ingredients and the three different fillings are made from scratch.


7. Homemade Baked Chicken with Pesto – Have fun making (and following sol8760‘s instructions) this casserole when you are expecting guests or when you are having a huge appetite!

Baked Chicken with Pesto

8. Lemon Butter Cookies – For this jolly season, instead of making the classic gingerbread man, try baking something new with Syazwin Hayati‘s recipe.

Lemon Butter Cookies

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Thanks for reading and happy cooking!

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