GORGEOUS blooms are transformed into edible works of art in the hands of Chef Korn. Dishes adorned with flowers make almost too-pretty-to-eat creations.


1. Summer Garden Omelette.

THE edible flowers utilised in the omelette adds depth to your everyday omelette with its added flavours and fragrance.

Summer Garden Omelette.



2. Flower Custard.

INSTEAD of making a normal custard, try this delicious Flower Custard recipe to wow friends and family.

Flower Custard.



3. Japanese Jelly with Coconut Cream.

THE edible flowers will pair nicely with the fragrance and flavours of the pandan in this recipe.

Japanese Jelly with Coconut Cream.



4. Salmon and Tuberose in Galangal Soup.

THIS salmon recipe combines the heat from the galangal with the sweet, floral flavour of the tuberose. They become a winning combination that brings out the depth of flavours in this elegant dish.

Salmon and Tuberose in Galangal Soup.



5. Red Snapper Steak with Paneang Sauce and Hibiscus Salad.

THE Red Snapper is paired perfectly in this heavenly combination. The flavours of the Paneeang sauce go well with the Hibiscus salad.

Red Snapper Steak with Paneang Steak with Paneang Sauce and Hibiscus Salad.



6. Lobster, Banana and Torch Ginger Flower.

THIS amazing dish combines the luxurious lobster with local flavours from the banana and torch ginger flower. Expect an explosion of flavours with each bite of this dish.

Lobster, Banana and Torch Ginger Flower.



7. Nasi Kerabu with Flower Salad.

THIS dish gets its colours from the vibrant blue of the Butterfly Pea flowers. To add on to the flower theme of the dish, why not combine it with a refreshing flower salad?

Nasi Kerabu with Flower Salad.



8. & 9. Butterfly Pea Flower and Lemongrass Cooler and Lotus Tea (right).

DELIGHT your guests with the vibrant colours of the Butterfly Pea Flower and Lemongrass cooler (left). This drink is perfect to quench your thirst on a hot day. On the other hand, the Lotus Tea focuses on the flavours brought out from the lotus petals.

Butterfly Pea Flower and Lemongrass Cooler (left) and Lotus Tea (right).



10. Coconut and Cowslip Creepers.

COWSLIP flowers are fragrantly aromatic and have been traditionally included in omelettes and soups. The Coconut and Cowslip Creepers recipe will focus on the natural flavours of the flowers combined with coconut and pandan juice.

Coconut and Cowslip Creepers.



11. Torch Ginger Flower Sorbet.

IF you’ve only ever had fruit sorbet, it’s time to try a flower sorbet. The the torch ginger flower – known locally as bunga kantan – brings an aromatic, floral, grassy, citrusy and peppery tang to this dessert.

Torch Ginger Flower Sorbet.



12. Ixora and Strawberry Ice Cream.

DO you remember seeing children pulling out the stamen of an ixora flower to get a drop of its nectar? Well, this recipe combines the sweetness of the strawberry with the ixora flowers.

Ixora and Strawberry Ice Cream.

This article and recipes were first published in Flavours magazine.

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