Roast Chicken Croquette with Tomato Chutney
10 mins 1 People
Pan-fried Kimchi Pancake
30 mins 8 People
Potato Salad
05 mins 4 People

Potato Salad Appetizer, Dinner, Lunch

Durian Fritters (Cekodok Durian)
20 mins 4 People
Salted Caramel and Chocolate Pralines
30 mins 4 People
20 mins 4 People
Twice-fried Spicy Wings with Onion Pickle
10 mins 12 Pieces People
Fragrant Braised Peanuts
20 mins 4 People
Almond Crunch
30 mins 20 People
Hong Kong-style Prawn Rice Rolls
30 mins

Hong Kong-style Prawn Rice Rolls Appetizer, Breakfast and Brunch

Potato Salad Tarts
10 mins 6 People
Pickled Cabbage (Acar Kobis)
20 mins 4 People
Banana Fritters (Cekodok Pisang)
10 mins

Banana Fritters (Cekodok Pisang) Appetizer, Tea Time

Amy Beh By
Falafel with Tahini Yoghurt Dip
15 mins 4 People
Tuna Bergerdil
20 mins 12 People
salmon cakes
15 mins 4 People

Salmon Cakes Dinner, Lunch

grapefruit sunshine bars
20 mins 4 People

Grapefruit Sunshine Bars Desserts, Tea Time

Crispy Spiced Okra
30 mins 4 People
10 mins 6 People

Bruschetta Appetizer, Breakfast and Brunch, Lunch, Tea Time

Kuali By
Oyster Chips, Tofu, Pickled Ginger & Habanero.
30 mins 1 People
Serunding Daging
20 mins 4 People
Roti Jala and Chicken Curry
30 mins 4 People

Roti Jala and Chicken Curry Dinner, Lunch, Tea Time