The Raya spirit is bright and alive with visitations and bazaars back in full force after two years.  If there’s anything that cannot be missed during this festive season, it’s the food! From the classic Raya dishes made by your mother, to the kuih raya you buy from your favourite stalls, you’ll no doubt be enjoying Raya delicacies. 

Nutrabliss by Watsons provides healthy alternative for this Raya season, whether you’re baking for yourself or gifting these healthy Kuih Raya’s. All their products are Halal certified, natural and organic. All these perks without the big price tag, you can get a wide range of products to choose from including Oats, Healthy Snacks, Superfood, Grains mix, Condiments and Detox Teas. Nutrabliss by Watsons is here to inspire you with five yummy and healthy recipes to enjoy this festive season. Eat to your heart’s content with a healthy twist that does not compromise on flavours! 

1. Almond London cookies

A Malaysian staple, these cookies are a must-have in any households this Ramadan and Raya. For the healthy touch, Nutrabliss’ Grain Mix and Raw Almonds are added into this version of Almond London cookies. Each bite will be fortified with vitamin B and E’s, calcium and fibre. All that’s needed for a strong immune system! 

2. Biskut semperit

Did you know that Kuih Semperit is Malaysia’s version of the Scottish butter cookie? These buttery melt-in-your-mouth treats are made with core ingredients such as custard powder, flour, butter and sugar. In Nutrabliss’ recipe, they used Himalayan Rock Salt and Grain Mix for its natural and unprocessed properties. Top it off with cranberries from Nutrabliss’ Organic Mixed Dried Fruits instead of red jelly for some extra dietary fibre! 

3. Chocolate chip and walnut oatmeal cookies

Got some Himalayan Rock Salt left from baking the biskut semperit? Use them to bake these chocolate cookies! Combine the salt with Nutrabliss Instant Oats, which are rich in beta glucans, to lower your cholesterol levels. Add in Nutrabliss Walnuts to get that nice crunchy texture in your cookie and maintain your heart health too! 

4. Pineapple cookies

Nutrabliss Pineapple Cookies

You must recognise this classic on this list. Known to bring fortune to you, these crumbly and tangy cookies will also be bringing you Omega-3 fatty acids, beta glucans and calcium! For those extra goodness, Nutrabliss added in Instant OatsHimalayan Rock Salt and Chia Seeds. So simple yet powerful in maintaining our health! 

5. Sticky date pudding with oatmeal sauce

Sticky Date Pudding with Oatmeal Sauce

If you’re a fan of dates, this recipe is for you! Also known as sticky toffee pudding, this dessert comprises of a moist sponge cake, caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. Try a different method of baking these by using Nutrabliss Grain Mix and the jack of all trades – Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. You’ll no doubt be forming a smooth mixture and fragrant dessert with these natural and unrefined ingredients. 

With all these recipes, you surely should join in our Cook, Snap and Win Contest

We’re giving away prizes with a total worth of RM 7,000, so remake the above recipes or be experimental and show us your creative dishes made with any Nutrabliss products! For more information, head over to now. 

Good luck and here’s to a Nutrablissful Raya with you! 

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