Time to take out your Anchor Butter and get ready to start mixing because this raya we’re spreading more than just our butter. We’re spreading the love with our Kuih Raya recipes! From the classics to the modern treats – you’ll be baking to your heart’s content. 

1. Kuih Semperit

An essential at every open house, you can’t skip this kuih raya. Almost too beautiful to eat, these crumbly biscuits melt in your mouth! A hot tip: Use Anchor Butter to fully indulge in the creaminess and richness of the Kuih Semperit. When you bake this yourself, you’ll know why you should chant Jom Raya, Jom Anchor! 

2. Biskut Makmur

Known as Biskut Mamool in the Middle East, this international delicacy has become a Malaysian favourite. The crumbly exterior with a nutty filling is absolutely addictive! You can decorate it by making it look like dumplings or leaves to make it more enticing for your guests. 

3. Biskut Kaastangels

This Dutch-Indonesian treat is a savoury cheese tart. It’ll cut the sweetness from the rest of the Kuih Raya spread and balance out your taste buds. For the best result, use Anchor Butter to get the rich buttery flavour along with Perfect Italiano parmesan cheese for the slightly salty indulgence. 

4. Pandan Cream Cheese Butter Pudding 

To wow your guests, add the Pandan Cream Cheese Butter Pudding to your table spread. It’ll be a centrepiece and will outshine your rendang and lemang! Fragrant and delectable, the layers of green and cream will be reminiscent of Hari Raya. 

5. Pandan Mochi Cookies 

Try this modern twist to the classic Pandan Cookies. The Pandan Mochi Cookies serve as a celebration in every bite. The surprise centre of cloudlike texture in contrast to the crumbly exterior will leave you wanting more. Who knew floral pandan and sweet mochi would be a perfect combo! 

6. Choco Velvet Cookies 

Red velvet has turned into a staple flavour in Malaysian desserts. This white chocolate chip and red velvet cookie are ever so tempting, don’t forget to make twice the batch as it’ll finish up as soon as they’re served! 

Crumbly in texture, and florally in scent. It’ll excite your senses as soon as you take a bite. This Pandan Diamant Cookie is so simple to make, that you can have your kids join in too! With only 6 ingredients, there’s no reason for you not to bake this.

With all these recipes, we highly recommend Anchor Butter to achieve the best taste. Rich, creamy and indulgent cookies are on the way when you use Anchor Butter! 

Make sure you check out Anchor’s Jom Raya, Jom Anchor video and for all our Muslim readers, we wish you a Happy Hari Raya!

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