Banana spring roll
40 People

Banana Spring Roll Appetizer, Tea Time

Ian Lau By
20 mins 4 People

Murtabak Sandwich Appetizer, Breakfast and Brunch, Tea Time

Crispy Scallop & Sweet Potato Croquettes
20 mins 4 People
20 mins 3 People
Pie Tee
20 mins 6 People

Pie Tee Appetizer

Ian Lau By
Ayam Goreng Pandan (Pandan Chicken)
10 mins 4 People

Ayam Goreng Pandan (Pandan Chicken) Appetizer, Dinner, Lunch

Ian Lau By
Belgian fries
20 mins 4 People

Belgian Fries Appetizer, Tea Time

Kuali By
Soy Sauce Korean Style Wings
20 mins 2 People
simple salsa dip
05 mins 4 People

Simple Salsa Dip Appetizer, Desserts

Fried Calamari Rings by Salam Brand
05 mins 4 People

Fried Calamari Rings Appetizer, Dinner, Lunch

popiah by salam sauce
20 mins 6 People
Egg Salad Fancy Schmancy
10 mins 12 People

Egg Salad Fancy Schmancy Breakfast and Brunch

Prawn Fritters
20 mins 4 People

Prawn Fritters Appetizer, Dinner, Lunch

Amy Beh By
20 mins 16 People

Sand Ginger Chicken Dinner, Lunch

Otak-otak pizza
30 mins 6 People
Crispy Wantan with Orange Dipping Sauce
20 mins 1 People
20 mins 4 People
20 mins

Castagnole Desserts, Tea Time

Twice-fried Spicy Wings with Onion Pickle
06 mins 12 Pieces People
Deep-Fried Crab and Taro Summer Rolls
30 mins 4 People

Deep-Fried Crab and Taro Summer... Appetizer, Tea Time

Kuali By
Potato Salad Tarts
12 mins 6 People
Tuna Bergerdil
15 mins 12 People
Crispy Spiced Okra
30 mins 4 People
30 mins 60 People