Don’t you just love the heavenly smell of cookies wafting from the kitchen? Cookies are relatively simple to make and you can have lots of fun shaping them with your loved ones. They also come in a variety of shapes, flavours and texture. Here are 8 Kuali’s Best Cookie Recipes of All Time to share with everyone!

Happy Baking!

1. Sugee Cookies

Made with semolina flour and ghee (or clarified butter), these light and melt-in-your mouth sugee cookies are simple treats loved by many in Malaysia.

2. Red Velvet Cookies

Red Velvet Cookies

This is a famous red tinted cookies with vanilla and cocoa flavours, complete with bites of white and dark chocolate chips.

3. Black Sesame Cookies

Black Gold Cookie

These aromatic and nutty black sesame cookies are are so simple and delicious to bake, plus they make a very classy gift during the festive season.

4. Butter Cookies

Be it the plain butter cookies or the orange and pandan butter cookies respectively, these classic Danish butter cookies are always the crowd favourite.

5. Peanut Cookies

Chinese peanut cookies

Traditional chinese peanut cookies made with toasted ground peanuts. If you want a quick turnover, try replacing the ground peanuts with peanut butter in this Peanut Butter Cookies recipe.

6. Almond London

almond london cookie

A delicate three parts cookies with a whole almond in the center, covered with buttery cookie layer and finally glazed with glossy melted chocolate.

7. Cranberry Almond Sablé Cookie

Cranberry Almond Sablé Cookie

A versatile cookie recipe where you can swapped out the cranberries with your favourite dried fruits or the almond with your preferred nuts.

8. Double Chocolate Cookies

Easy Homemade Dark Chocolate Cookies

A moist and chewy cookie, with slight crisp on the exterior, this is a recipe that all chocolate lovers should try.

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