When thinking about Malay fares, favourites such as Ayam Masak Kicap, Rendang Ayam, Lontong Goreng and Soto Ayam would come to mind and we are in for such a treat that local Malaysian company, Adabi has perfected some of these recipes to be shared and enjoyed by all! The cornerstone of most Malay cuisines are the unique blend of spices that gives each dish such a well concocted taste, bursting with flavours. From the unique aroma that local ingredients such as lemongrass, curry leaves and galangal produce, to the irreplaceable taste that coconut milk (santan) and tamarind (asam jawa) lend to dishes, it is no wonder that Authentically Malaysian recipes are searched for and tried all around the world. 

Here are some top Malaysian dishes that you should make this Raya: 

1. Lontong Goreng

Lontong Goreng

Starting with a crowd pleaser, this Lontong Goreng offers amazing texture and bite. By combining simply boiled rice cakes (ketupat lazat by Adabi) and stir frying them with kucai, taugeh and Adabi’s peanut sauce (kuah kacang), the aromatic char produced is – Kuali approved. 

2. Soto Kudus

Bihun Soto

Moving on to a soup based dish, the Soto Kudus is a belly comforting rice vermicelli (bihun) chicken soup that appeals to both young and old. Easily prepared using the spices and the special bouquet garni (sup bunjut) by Adabi, your table guests are in for a treat. For those looking for an extra spicy kick, the side condiment of sweet soy sauce (kicap manis) paired with cili padi and garlic would give your Soto a lift!

3. Ayam Masak Kicap

Soy Sauce Chicken

Let’s take a look at some main dish suggestions. Local favourite ‘Ayam Masak Kicap’ or Soy Braised Chicken is a popular main dish paired with rice. Marrying the sweet (Lemak Kicap Manis) and salty (Lemak Kicap Masin) soy sauces by Adabi, this dish is easily created and braised to perfection. Elevate your dining experience with a condiment, the Sambal Cicah Cili Kicap by Adabi, consisting of garlic, onions, chillies, tomatoes and lime juice.

P.s. The new Kicap Adabi comes in a mini 150ml size as seen below – called the “Kicap Kahwin Simbolik Kasih“. Now ready to be booked, it is a suitable door gift for any occasions!

4. Nasi Briyani

Biryani Rice with Spiced Egg Rendang
Biryani Rice with Spiced Egg Rendang

Many people think that it is difficult to prepare Briyani Rice and usually settle with purchasing it from restaurants. Not so with this recipe and spices by Adabi. Stir fry briefly to bring up the aroma from the blended spices (a combination of coriander, fennel, cinnamon and cardamom) before completing the cooking in a rice cooker, it is no wonder that this fluffy rice wonder is a favourite among Malaysians. Garnished with chewy cashews and a tinge of sweetness from the raisins, this rice is enjoyed with curries and hard boiled eggs. 

5. Telur Rendang Berempah

Spiced Egg Rendang

To complement the Nasi Briyani, give the typical hard boiled egg a boost by pairing it with this aromatic chilli paste. Synthesized with the typical ingredients of red onions, garlic, lemongrass (serai), the additional turmeric leaf (daun kunyit), kerisik and Adabi spices gives this meld a wonderful taste.

6. Rendang Ayam

Rendang Ayam
Chicken Rendang

One favourite close to the heart for most Malaysians would be the quintessentially found Rendang Ayam. Not knowing how to replicate this dish at home would be considered a Malaysian kitchen faux pas! Jokes aside, this delectable Rendang is recreated easily by following the clever concoction of spices and slow braising that gives the chicken rendang such a burst of flavours and texture. 

7. Gulai Ikan Tongkol Terengganu

Gulai Ikan - Tongkol Fish Curry
Tongkol Fish Curry

Hosted on the same table during a feast, the Gulai Ikan or fish curry commands its own strong following. Using the freshest ingredients, this curry is given the perfect blend with Adabi’s ‘Serbuk Gulai Ikan’, or fish curry powder. A Terengganu dish by origin, usually paired with Nasi Dagang. Fun fact: it can be used with or without coconut milk too.

8. Nasi Dagang

Nasi Dagang with Tongkol Fish Curry

Complementing curries perfectly is the popular Nasi Dagang hailing from the East coast of the Malaysian Peninsula. Steamed with coconut milk and paired with crunchy cucumber, this mouthwatering staple is a must for Raya!

9. Cucur Udang and Cucur Lemak Manis

Assorted Fritters

Wanting to recreate that scrumptious crunch from prawn and vegetable fritters found at stalls but at the comforts of your home? Then you are in luck, as these cucur premixes by Adabi are blended to the T. Just follow the instructions on the pack, don’t overdo the additional ingredients such as prawns and vegetables as it may change the ratio, deep fry the batter and there you have it. May we add the Lemak Manis is a must-try. Be ready for seconds. 

10. Spaghetti Goreng Rendang

Rendang Spaghetti

There are times when you crave a delicious meal that you can easily cook at home. In this East meets West combo, have your spaghetti and eat it! Spaghetti boiled to al-dente, stir fried and paired with Adabi’s Rendang Daging, and you have a pleasing meal. 

11. Ayam Goreng Bawang

Fried Chicken with Onions

Chicken wings taste the best when they are well marinated and fried to perfection. With this fried chicken premix from Adabi, you can have your heart and stomach’s desires! Should we add, there’s no egg needed for the batter? Just water. 

12. Asam Jawa Xtra

Air Asam Xtra

Make this refreshing tamarind drink using Adabi’s Asam Jawa Extra for your guests as you enjoy these hearty feasts! Cool and cleansing to the palate, the slight tanginess from the juice is comforting and lifting at the same time. Chill it with ice and a sprightly slice of lime. 

Enjoy these wonderfully created dishes, brought to you by Adabi! 
You may purchase their products here. For more information, please visit Adabi’s official website. Check out Adabi’s special YouTube show featuring a simple variety of dishes in “30 Resipi Ramadan” on Adabi Malaysia Official channel.

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