After the Ramadan Kareem month, we are building up to an exciting month of May as we have Mother’s Day, Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Teacher’s Day all in the same month! Now that sounds like a baking month and do we have a host of recommendations for you to deliciously run through.

Mom’s Day is coming up and if you’d like to whip up some cupcakes instead of ordering, we are suggesting the easy and presentable lovable Chocolate Chip Cupcakes or maybe a Walnut Cupcake for moms who love some crunch in their cakes. For something creamier, try this Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake that’s bound to impress! 

We may not be able to have a large Raya open house this year, so these sweet colourful Rainbow Rolls that are eye candy can be great gifts as well! Individually filled with lemon, matcha, blueberry cream and chocolate cream according to its colours, these sponge rolls would be a hit among your gift receivers.

Rainbow Rolls for Raya Open House
Rainbow Rolls

For those who would like an authentic touch to their celebration, you can consider this Lemang recipe by Chef Yuzrem, an undeniable must-have food during Raya. Another rice recipe, the Burasak is cooked with santan sawit and wrapped in banana leaves to give it an amazing aroma. 

Pair any of these rice side dish with a soft and flavourful Lamb Kuzi, braised with the right amount of spices.

Lamb Kuzi
Lamb Kuzi

Or this amazing Ayam Masak Merah, by Makcik Salmiah. A cook with over fifty years of experience, this Daging Masak Kicap is also another one of her specialties, as is this Udang Masam Manis, where she tells us to fry the prawn shells a little more crisply to get that wonderful charred flavour. On top of this, we must have the popular rendang. There are many versions of this popular dish and is a selection one would enjoy with lemang – Rendang Ayam Klasik Selangor

Previously, we have shared with you a few Kuih Semperit or butter cookies recipes. Here are a few more modern takes. Try this Kuih Talam Cendol recipe to help cool your guests during the hot day. Here’s a classic that will be at every open house, the Kek Batik Triple Layer to cater for the sweeter taste buds! 

Kuali’s recipes are best viewed through the app and you can even Save these Recipes to view later when you login. Download the Kuali App and get these recipes at your fingertips!

Kuali app
Download Kuali App

We love sharing recipes by our Trusted Brands

Whip up something for your mother, mama, ibu, or umma to show your appreciation while she relaxes. As others queue up for the trending burnt cheesecakes at your local spot, skip the line and make yourself a Fried Cheesecake at home! Or if you want a more unique traditional flavour, try and bake the Durian Burnt Cheesecake.

But if you’re not keen on baking, you can make a Creamy Mushroom On Toast for her breakfast in bed instead.

Creamy Mushroom on Toast

‘Say Kimchi and Smile’ is this week’s Shop Kuali Recipes, Kimchi is a powerful ingredient that is full of antioxidants which can reduce the risk of serious health conditions, not to mention Kimchi can also be very versatile and delicious.  


Here are three recipes that you can try experimenting with Kimchi. First, the Kimchi Clam Soup is packed with the rich flavour of sweet and briny in a bowl. Make sure to also try the Kimchi Pancake recipe as a healthy appetizer and also a crowd pleaser, and the Kimchi Fried Rice can fill you up with a smile. 

If you live in Malaysia, you can also order these recipes online and have the groceries conveniently delivered to you by Tesco / Lotus’s Malaysia. 

Happy Cooking and Baking!

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